Small Concrete Pump

Small concrete pump consists of pump body and pipeline. Compared with the usual type of concrete pump, it has small volume. So, it is also called small size concrete pump or small-sized concrete pump. Just as its name implies, it has the characteristics of small size and light weight. These small stone concrete pumps can be used in tunnel, hydroelectric power station, small civil engineering and so on. The maintenance of the concrete pump small is convenient.

BS20 sent to Philippines

Features and Advantages of Small Concrete Pump

1.It is portable with high working efficiency.

2.It has unique design, light weight, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

3.The machine has easy tear open outfit, low working noises, and low energy consumption.

4.Our small portable concrete pump adopts the most advanced producing technologies, and it is convenient to control the working speed of the machine.

5.The performance of the machine is stable and the used field of it is less.

6. It has the function of puming and autiui-pumping.

ABT50C small concrete pump
ABT50C small concrete pump
50m3 concrete pump inside
control system of small concrete pump
S valve of Aimix concrete pump

Video of Small Concrete Pumps Working



Tips on Safety Operation of Beston Small Concrete Pumps For Sale

Small concrete pump is an efficient concrete pouring equipment, which plays vital role in modern house building. In the following passage, we will give some suggestions on safety operation of concrete pump?

1. The particle size, cement grade and the mixing proportion should totally meet the requirements of the mechanical performance of the pump according to the specification.

2. All the bolts of small line concrete pumping machine should be fastened, and the pipeline joints should be sealed tightly, and the protective device should be complete and reliable.

3. The parking brake and locking brake device of concrete pump should be used at the same time. The tire should be fixed, and the water tank should be filled with enough water. The hopper should be free of debris and the lubrication points should also be lubricated.

4. The legs of diesel concrete pump should be fully extended to support the pump, and users are not allowed to start the cloth rod before fixing the mini concrete pump for sale.

5. The hydraulic system of small concrete pumps sale should be in normal state without leakage. Users should prepare the cleaning pipelines, cleaning supplies and other related devices ahead of time. Before operation, users must be lubricated the pump and pipelines with premixed concrete, and irrelevant personnel must leave the site at work.

6.When the cloth rod is in full extension, it is strictly prohibited to move the pump body. When the pump needs to be moved at work, the upper part of the cloth rod should be folded and fixed. At this time, the movement speed should not exceed 10km per hour.

Beston Small Concrete Mixer Pumps

JBS30-JZC350 small electric concrete mixer pump

ABJZ40D electric small concrete mixer pump

ABJZ40C small diesel concrete mixer pump

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