Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale

Self loading concrete mixer for sale is urgently needed in many construction fields due to the development of the construction industry. On the basis of traditional concrete mixer, a new generation of self loading concrete mixer for sale has been developed by Aimix’s experts. Compared with ordinary self loader concrete mixer, it has significant advantages. Besides,it is widely used in building construction, road, bridge etc. Next, we will give you a clear description about the self loading mixer for sale.

self load mixer for sale

Aimix Self Loader Concrete Mixers Were Exported To Abroad

transported to Argentina
transported to Argentina
exported to Zambia
exported to Zambia
Ready to Russia
Ready to Russia

What Is Self Loader Concrete Mixer

The self loading concrete mixer integrates concrete materials’ loading, measuring, mixing and discharging. The equipment has large production capacity and good performance. Besides, it can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce time cost. Aimix’s self loading concrete mixer is suitable for concrete construction engineering in various special environments: crowded urban areas, rural area, remote areas and so on.

AS-1.2 self loading concrete mixer

AS-2.6 self loading mixer



Advantages of Self Loader for Sale

This self loading concrete truck mixer is so popular with clients because it not only has reasonable self loading concrete mixer price but also has many outstanding advantages. Let’s take a look at what competitive advantages it has.

Firstly, it contains automatic feeding system. We all know that traditional concrete mixer is very inconvenient to feed raw material. However, the front end of the self load concrete mixer is equipped with a loading hopper for self feeding. The design is so unique.

Secondly, self loading concrete mixer is especially suitable for small projects. This concrete mixer can work at any time according to users’ needs. Therefore, it is very suitable for some small but lasting project.

Thirdly, self loading mixer for sale has good lubrication system. The lubrication of the self concrete mixer adopts the centralized lubrication system which always be adopted in high-end vehicles. It can guarantee the lubrication quality of the whole vehicle and reduce the labor maintenance cost.


Item AS-1.2 AS-2.0 AS-3.5 AS-4.0
Drum capacity 1.8m³ 3.0m³ 5.4m³ 6.1m³
Concrete output 1.2m³ 2.0m³ 3.5m³ 4m³
Loading ratio 76% 76% 76% 76%
Rotary drum Articuated Steering Articuated Steering Discharge mouth height 1.8 meters.Level turn 290 ° (options) Discharge mouth height 1.8 meters.Level turn 290 ° (options)
Metering Electronic weighing system (options). Electronic weighing system (options). Electronic weighing system (options). Electronic weighing system (options).
Production capacity 4 batches in an hour.5 cubic meters per hour 4 batches in an hour.10 cubic meters per hour 4 batches in an hour.14 cubic meters per hour 4 batches in an hour.16 cubic meters per hour
Climbing ability 30% 16.70% 30% 30%
Speed range Low speed 0-25 km/h, high speed 0-45 km/h Low speed 0-7.2 km/h, high speed 0-25 km/h F1:0-8km/h;F2:0-40km/h; R1:-8-0km/h;R2:-40-0km/h Low speed 0-25 km/h, high speed 0-45 km/h.
CAB Ultra wide deluxe cab . ROPS type Ultra wide deluxe cab . ROPS type Ultra wide deluxe cab . ROPS type Ultra wide deluxe cab . ROPS type
Bucket 300L, hydraulic gate. 550L, hydraulic gate. 650L, hydraulic gate. 650L, hydraulic gate.
Turn Hydraulic steering, rear wheel steering. Hydraulic steering, rear wheel steering. Hydraulic steering, rear wheel steering.
Tyre 12-16.5 tires 16/70-20PR16 tires 16/70-20 wire tires 16/70-20 wire tires
Power System 24V 24V 24V 24V
Weight 4800KG 6500KG 7600KG 7600KG
L*W*H 6030MM*2180MM*2250MM 6030MM*2180MM*2250MM 7500MM*2700MM*3380MM 7500MM*2700MM*3380MM
Wheelbase 1.9M 1.8M 1.9M 2.35M

Mobile Concrete Mixers and Stationary Concrete Mixers

Aimix has both mobile self loading concrete transit mixer and stationary concrete mixing machines for sale. Here, I will give you a detailed description.

Self load concrete mixer truck is a kind of mobile concrete mixer machine. Compared with stationary concrete mixer, the type of machine has very good flexibility. And it has so many advantages which the stationary concrete mixer doesn’t have. For example, it can greatly save the transportation cost of raw materials. Because it can move freely at the workplace. Beside, it can save labor cost because it can feed automatically.

On the contrary, the stationary concrete mixer machine also has its unique advantages. They are more suitable for different kinds of construction projects. You can choose the suitable one on the basis of your needs.

Mobile and Stationary Concrete Mixer
Mobile and Stationary Concrete Mixer

What Should Pay Attention To When Operating

The Points for Attention

1. Non-staff shall not use the equipment without authorization.

2. Turn off the power supply and the host security lock.

3. If accident happens, please turn off the power supply immediately. Take care of the machine, and never turn on the power supply without authorization.

4. Add enough water into the mixing tube, and the water stored in the water storage chamber is mainly for cleaning.

5. Keep far away from the mixing components to escape from the hurt and trouble.

6.Please clean the mixing tube after operation.

Check before start

1.Check whether all the switches on the electrical console are in normal.

2. Check whether the connecting bolts connect each component tightly.

3. Check whether the water supply pipe and the additive pipe are in order.

The Maintenance Methods of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

1. Remove the dirt and ashes of mixer both inside and outside, and lubricate the machine according to the direction.

2. Check the clutch and the brake whether they are in order.

3. Before it comes operation, pour some water into the mixing tube, and race the engine for 1 to 2 minutes.

4. When the mixer is working, please notice whether there are some strange voices, especially make sure that the engine, reducer, driving gears are running normally.

5. The users should pay attention to the temperature of the bearing and the engine. If they are too hot, please stop the operation as soon as possible.

About Aimix Group

As a professional construction machinery manufacturer and supplier, Aimix has been manufacturing and exporting construction machinery for more than 30 years. Besides, various types of concrete mixer machines have been exported to more than 60 countries. More importantly, the price of self loading concrete mixer is reasonable. In addition, we can manufacture and customize all kinds of concrete mixer equipment, such as: stationary concrete mixer, self loading batching plants truck concrete truck, and concrete batching plant.

All of our concrete mixer equipment are known for good performance, large production capacity, compact structure, unique design and reasonable price! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be always online for reply you the self loading concrete mixer prices. Moreover, we will provide you with the most professional product solutions. Besides, we will give you detailed installation and operation instructions. If you still have any question, we can also send technical personnel to your country to provide on-site guidance. Choose Aimix Group, we will provide best self loading concrete mixer machine price for you!

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