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The Three Big Differences Between Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant and Engineering Concrete Mixing Plant

Commercial concrete mixing plant and engineering concrete mixing plant are used to produce concrete equipment, but a lot of customers are not very familiar with the difference between them. Recently, we received many calls about this problem, so we will make some introduction here for everyone. 1. The difference from the type The type of … Read more…

mobile concrete batching plant

The Safe Operation of The Concrete Mixing Plant

How to safely operate concrete mixing station? First of all, we should install concrete mixing plant under the guidance of technical personnel from the manufacturers. And we can operate concrete mixing plant in accordance with equipment specification strictly after the technical performance indicators of equipment are qualified. A. Before the operation 1. Prepare qualified sand, … Read more…

twin-shaft concrete mixer

The Maintenance of Concrete Mixer

The items that concrete mixer should be checked before its use every time: 1. Check whether the fuselage is stable. 2. Check whether the blade and the connecting bolts on the mixing blades bracket is rigid. 3. Check whether the joint bolts on the feeding frame is fastening. 4. Check whether the water pump can … Read more…