Mobile Cement Silo

Exporting Aimix Mobile Cement Silo to Australia

Good news, Aimix mobile cement silo have been successfully exported to Australia. Our customer is so favour of our machine that he finally made order immediately after he came to visit our products in China. This time he chose 100t mobile cement silo to store powder material in constuction sites. Because he has owned several construction projects, he wanna get a portable one for using more than one time. The cement silo with moderate capacity is totally suitbale for his projects. Well, for choosing welded type and bolted type, he was puzzled a lot. While, after we analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of them, he selected the bolted mobile cement silo for sale.

bolted mobile cement silo
boxing cement silo
transporting mobile cement silo

Mobile cement silo is the ideal container of cement for the investors. There are wheels under the silos, so that it is easy to move the silos from one place to another one. What the most important is that the mobile cement silos have limited height. In this way, the customers will feel free to use it in many kinds of projects. Some customers also think that it covers the shortage of vertical cement silos completely, and it is the model of efficiency and recycling. In this passage, you will get more details and advantages of horizontal cement silo.

mobile cement silo

Features of Aimix Mobile Cement Silo For Sale

1. High performance and long working life. The advanced technology ensures high quality of the silos. Meanwhile, it has good sealing property, including each corner of the silos.

2. We can customize the cement silo for our clients if they have any special requirements. Moreover, we can manufacture the cement silos for the clients continuously, so that our clients will receive the silos soon.

3. The mobile grain silos have high strength and light weight. And it takes small place and can be used in various terrain.

Horizontal Cement Silos And Vertical Cement Silos

Vertical Cement Silos

Vertical silo often works as one part of concrete batching plant, which is the container of cement. Due to the special structure, it has the special characteristics.

1. Before installing the silos, the operators need to make foundation for the silos. What’s more, it has long period to install the silos, so that it is not suitable for the construction projects moved frequently.

2. The vertical silos is much higher than the mobile grain bin, so that the operators need to take measures for wind protection and anti-thunder.

3. when it is filled with cement, it has high center of gravity, so that most of the vertical silos have no measuring system. If so, the silos can’t measure the weight of cement accurately.

Vertical Cement Silos

Aimix Vertical Cement Silos

Vertical Cement Silos in Concrete Batching Plant

Horizontal Cement Silos

Horizontal silos are the latest type of cement silo, and it has the prominent advantages, so that they are very popular.

1. The horizontal silos are also called mobile silo, which is easy to assemble and disassemble. As long as there is flat foundation, the operators can install the silos soon. The larges advantage of the silo is that the operators will move it easily according to the requirements.

2. The silos are lower than the vertical type. Therefore, the mobile grain silos have wider application than the vertical silos.

3. There is weighing sensor under the body of mobile cement silo, and it will measure the cement accurately.

Horizontal Cement Silo

Cement Silo Horizontal

Aimix horizontal cement silo

Aimix Group has exported the mobile silos to many countries, including Australia, New Zealand, USA, the Philippines, Laos, Pakistan etc.. Of course, you can get other construction machines from Aimix Group, including stationary and mobile concrete batch plant, asphalt batching plant, concrete truck mixer, high quality dry mortar production line and so on. Hope you get the excellent machines from Aimix Group.

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