4000 T cement silo

Cement Silo For Sale

Cement silo for sale plays great role in many kinds of construction projects. If you would like to complete the projects successfully, it is very important to select the most reliable manufacturer. Meanwhile, you can get the machine at reasonable price. In the following context, we will offer some details about Aimix cement silos and how to select the silos. It is believed that you will get the useful information and get the best machine from Aimix Group.

Aimix Cement Silo for Sale
Aimix Cement Silo for Sale

Main Features Of Cement Silo For Sale

1. The cement silo has the features of watertightness, and it can protect against moisture. These prominent advantages make the silo suitable as storage tank in the construction projects. It can store the materials for the commercial concrete batching plant, dry mortar plant, block making plant, urban construction and other projects. The silos often have long working life and low cost. Meanwhile, they also have the function of decreasing the particle pollution and only take small floor space in the construction site. Therefore, the silos are the one of the most popular environmental friendly equipment in modern society.

2. The cement silo for sale is very suitable for containing the cement, fly ash and other materials. Commonly, the specifications of cement silo for sale includes 50 Ton, 100 Ton, 200 Ton, 300 Ton, 400 Ton, 500 Ton and so on. Moreover, we can customize the silos for the clients according to the special requirement.

3. The cement tanks mainly have tow parts: dust-collector and broken arch. On the top of the tank, there is the dust-collector, which has the function of preventing leakage of dust. For the arch breaker, it ensures the smooth discharging of materials.

4. Most of the cement silos have cylindrical structure. At the bottom of the silos, there are four holders supporting the silos. And the whole body of the silo is made from the wearable steel.

broken arch
broken arch
dust collector
dust collector
Aimix cement silo for sale
Aimix cement silo for sale
cement silo for sale
cement silo for sale

Affordable Cement Silo Price

When purchasing cement silo for sale, most of the clients will hesitate to place order due to the surprisingly high price. If so, Aimix is an ideal choice for you. “Customers First” is our most principal working principle, and we make efforts to provide clients with the best and cheapest silos.

1. We have professional experts to design and manufacture the silos. There are more than 20 engineers and experts working in Aimix. Therefore, we can guarantee that we will provide our clients with best equipment. Moreover, our factory occupies more than 50 thousand square meters. And we manufacture and sell many machines to our country and foreign countries. In this way, we will save much costs on innovating and manufacturing. There is no doubt that you will get the machine at the most reasonable price.

2. The clients will get the equipment from our enterprise instead of other agency. Some of the clients have purchased the machines from the agency, and they costed more money. In fact, the clients had better to purchase the manufacturer instead of the agency. If so, it is helpful for the clients to save cement silo cost.

3. In order to assure the best quality, we have rigorous inspection in each link. We all know that the play significant role in construction projects. In order to guarantee the quality of cement silos, we will check the quality of the elements in each link. So we can make sure that all of our equipment meets the standard.

cement silo for sale without painting
cement silo for sale without painting

reliable cement silo for sale
reliable cement silo for sale

How To Select The Best Cement Silos For Sale

In order to complete the projects successfully, it is critical to select the best silos. Besides the size of the tanks, we should take other reference factors in to consideration.

Firstly, we should consider whether there are special demands on the silos due to the special materials and projects. As the best silos, they must ensure the smooth discharging of materials in the silos. In this way, they will avoid blocking and blowing in the processing of working.

Second, when selecting the dust collecting bag, the clients need to consider the quality of the bags. It is advisable to select the bags with high density, because the bags often have high quality and long working life. What more important is that the bags has better not easy to deform. Generally, there is often much dust accumulating in the silos for long-term operation. So the large amount of dusts will enable the bags to be out of shape. Once the bags deformed, they will make bad effects on the normal operation. On the one hand, it will destroy the original structure of the dust collecting bags. On the other hand, the leakage of the particle will pollute the environment.

Thirdly, the clients should pick the silos that satisfy the storage capability of construction machine. Otherwoise, it will lower the working efficiency during operation.

Fourthly, the suitable silos should match with other equipment. We suggest that the clients had better to choose the standard and universal equipment.

Lastly, the clients can select the cement silo for sale that are easy to install and maintain.

Whenever you need cement silos, you can feel free to contact us. Now,you can check the specification of Aimix cement silos.

Model Tanker Diameter Tanker Height Tanker Total Height Matched mixer Matched screw conveyor
30Ton 2.6m 4.8m 12m JDC350 LSY219
50Ton 3m 5.4m 12m JS500 LSY219
80Ton 3m 9m 15.6m JS750 LSY219
100Ton 3m 11.4 18m JS1000 LSY219
150Ton 3m 13.5m 19m JS1000 LSY230
200Ton 4.5m 18.6m 25.2m JS1500 LSY230
300Ton 4.5m 24.6m 29.5m JS2000 LSY230
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